I invite you to the journey of the body so you can be closer to yourself and live a more fulfilled life.

Everything that happens in us and around us and everything that we are, we experience through the body. Through the body and in the body we can perceive connection, resistance, that something attracts, pleases, or exhausts us... Through contact with our soulful bodily essence, through embodiment process, we can find contact with our original sources. They are available to us all the time, no matter where we are.


Individual session with somatic perception and movement is a private session, where I gently guide you to contact with the body, to self-perception, and embodiment. Whether you come with a topic of physical discomfort or a topic from your personal experience, we will sensitively explore it and address it through the experiences of the body.

Individual somatic session is suitable if you:

  • need to connect more deeply with your body and gradually delve deeper to your inner sources

  • want to recall your sensitivity to yourself, listen better to your feelings, your needs and your experiencing
  • are experiencing bodily symptoms, bodily tension or pain
  • feel the need to express yourself authentically, but something prevents you from doing so
  • are overwhelmed by thoughts and find it difficult to find your way into the presence
  • are experiencing feelings of disconnection, ambiguity and you are seeking an anchoring and inner guidance
  • feel that you want to touch your themes by consciously working with your body and through experience
  • are already in a psychotherapeutic process with your psychotherapist and there is a need to complement this process with a deeper connection with the body

About the session...

Our first meeting is preceded by a short telephone conversation. I'll get an overview of what brings you in. We'll agree when and where we'll meet.

In the session, we are present together to what is alive in you right now (with your subject matter) in a confidential and safe space. We touch with attention the places and processes you feel in your body. Our journey unfolds from there. I can sensitively guide you through perception at the body level, invite you to movement and unfolding of it, to express your subject matter with your body. I can work through touch, and also through contact with the natural world.

We communicate with each other about what is happening within you as you immerse yourself in bodily attention. I support you in integrating your experience and awareness into your life.

My guidance and consultancy is informed by principles based on somatics, ecotherapy and touch therapies.

In studio or in nature...

The session can take place in the movement studio or in nature.

The studio provides comfort for in-depth gentle touch work.

Somatic ecotherapy also invites nature into the process, which I see as a natural field for acquiring our capacity to perceive, to feel, to be in connection.

Place and Price:

Sessions can be arranged for 75 or 90 min.

It takes place in DanceLab studio in Prague, Vinohrady, or in Pohled studio in Letná.

  • Price for 75 min. - 1 200 CZK
  • Price for 90 min. - 1 500 CZK


Somatic touch, is gentle bodywork that uses touch, breath awareness, sensitive body gripping and body awareness to help the recipient relax more deeply, deepen contact with their body and support their natural regenerative abilities. It is into the dialogue where my attention as a therapist meets your inner attention as a client.

Using tactile stimuli and through your conscious attention in the body, I address deeper bodily layers and deeper layers of perception. The body-mind becomes more informed and connected. It returns to its fuller potential and intelligence, to its inner flow and resources. 

Bodywork can profoundly change and improve our condition. It has healing potential. It gives space to body wisdom and activates self-healing processes. It helps to expand our capacity for a more mindful and full experience of life.

About the session:

The introduction of the session we dedicate to a conversation about what brings you in (a specific need, topic, or desire, etc.). We start from a relaxed position lying on the mat. I encourage you to become aware of the sensations and bodily processes generated by touch. You can shape your body (change its position) in response to touch, or create movement on a smaller scale. We communicate with each other about what is happening. Contexts and other experiences may arise, which we then together reflect, anchor and integrate. 

The meeting takes place in comfortable clothing that does not impede movement or breath.

Bodywork is suitable whenever the client is open to it, also as a support for other forms of therapy.

Place and Price:

Sessions can be arranged for 75 or 90 min.

It takes place in DanceLab studio in Prague, Vinohrady, or in Pohled studio in Letná.

  • Price for 75 min. - 1 200 CZK
  • Price for 90 min. - 1 500 CZK


Bodywork session can be gifted by purchasing a gift voucher for one or more sessions.


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Somatic Ecotherapy is a therapeutic accompaniment into which we invite bodily perception and experience, nature, and the principle of human co-presence with the rest of the living world as modalities through which we dwell with your subject. We allow it to emerge, exploring it through the way of the senses, through movement, through working with the natural world, and through natural symbols as tools, guides and participants in a shared journey. We then connect and anchor everything in the context of your life.

About the session?

Our first meeting is preceded by a short telephone conversation. I'll get an overview of what brings you in. We'll arrange a time to meet. The first meeting always takes place in the studio, which is connected to the garden.

The meeting is based on your current subject matter, which we will name together and take into the natural world, either physically or figuratively (in the studio).

If we subsequently agree on further collaboration, we also agree on whether we want to meet in the studio, in the garden, or go to a park or outer suburban landscape. We always end an outdoor meeting at the place we started from or agreed upon.

Place and Price:

Sessions usually take time from 75 to 120 min. Price per session differs between 1 200 - 1 800 CZK according to time duration. 

We can meet in studio with garden, in Divoka Sarka in Prague or in Stromovka. Place and time will be discussed before we meet the first time. 


Please fill in all requested information, including basic specifics about what brings you in. I will contact you back with the proposition of the dates as soon as possible.